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The Alpha 4-phase factor

How It Works...


Phase 1- DETOX

Building muscle and burning fat is far more likely to occur in a clean body.  Phase 1 is a 10 day protocol in which we re-establish cellular and mitochondrial health as well as clean the body's tissues of xenobiotics and xenoestrogens.  The staples of this phase are:

  • Phase 1 Cell Core Supplement Protocol
  • 10 Day Detox Meal Plan
  • 10 Metabolic Training and FIR Sessions
  • Parasympathetic Balance (Stress Management Protocol)


Phase 1 sets the groundwork for Phase 2.  Building slabs of lean muscle is a physiological process that demands a lot of work from the body.  We begin to build up to 7lbs of lean muscle mass by leveraging the following techniques.

  • Volume Based Barbell Training
  • Modified I.F. High Protein Diet
  • Continued Phase 1 Protocols


Here you become a True ALPHA.  We continue to build our lean muscle by switching from Volume to Intensity Training Techniques.  This is a 4 week phase in which I'll take you through my Blood & Guts Training Program and show you how 'Metabolic Flexibility' is the key to sustainable eating.

  • High Intensity Weight Training
  • Metabolic Flexible Eating
  • Clean Lifestyle Management

Phase 4- 2 Week bonus shred

This 2 week phase is the final shred down.  I have designed movements to use strength, endurance, plyometrics, along with core& ab exercises to shed those final pounds around the mid section.  Now that you've gained some decent strength and muscle, you can put it to use with hard core strength conditioning.  We also revisit our FIR sauna sessions and finish our Detox Supplements to compliment the training.  Upon finishing this phase I will give you my annual training cycle - a full years worth of training to keep your gains!

  • Metabolic/Strength Conditioning Training
  • 8 Bonus FIR Sauna Sessions
  • * Full Year Training Program upon completion of this phase


Zach -

  13.6lbs fat    4.3lbs muscle

"When Covid hit and powerlifting was cancelled I decided to change my goals.  I told Travis "I want to see my abs again".  He showed me his own transformation using the exact same program so I gave it a shot.  The program was NOT what I was used to but I was surprised at how well it worked!

My confidence in my own control over my body is at a new level and I will be doing the estrogen cleanse every spring from now on.  Such a good experience.


18lbs fat    7.1lbs muscle

"I had already lost 60lbs on my own but was struggling to get to where I really wanted to be.  The program really resonated with me and I felt it was what my body was telling me to do.

Training with Travis was invaluable.  I never thought myself capable of this transformation, but now it seems so easy.  He really does show you how a healthy lifestyle is easier than an unhealthy one.  I know that sounds backwards but its true!

Thanks for showing me the way Trav."

DIY Digital Package

One Time Fee
Entire PDF Program
10 Week Digital Workout Plan
*You will need access to a sauna and Detox Supplements for this program to work. Supps cost about $200 CAD

Private Group Package

One Time Fee (10:30am&4pm Only)
50 Semi-Private Training Sesions (2-3 people)
3 Month Open Gym at Functional Strength (Burlington, ON)
30 FIR Sauna Sessions
Customized Meal Plan
Entire PDF Program
8 Week Digital Subscription to Functional Strength

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Private Package

One Time Fee
50 Private Training Sessions (One on One)
3 Month Open Gym at Functional Strength (Burlington, ON)
30 FIR Sauna Sessions
Customized Meal Plan
Entire PDF Program
8 Week Digital Subscription to Functional Strength

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