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ALPHA Private Package (One on One Training)
$4,516.61 for 3 months
($3,997.00 base + $519.61 tax)
Terminates after: 3 months
46 passes during the membership period
2 Meal Plans
3 Exercise Programs
3 Month Gym Membership
10 Day Estrogen Detox
10 Detox Sauna Sessions
36 Private (One on One) Training Sessions
This program is the TOTAL RESET for men.
Phase 1. Starting with a Xeno-estrogen detox we pave the way for our testosterone to truly flourish again and regain a healthy hormonal profile.
10 Day Detox Meal Plan
10 Metabolic Training and FIR Sessions
Parasympathetic Balance (Stress Management Protocol)
Phase 2: Building slabs of lean muscle is a physiological process that demands a lot of work from the body. We begin to build up to 7lbs of lean muscle mass by leveraging the following techniques.
Volume Based Barbell Training
Modified I.F. High Protein Diet
Continued Phase 1 Protocols
Phase 3:Here you become a True ALPHA. We continue to build our lean muscle by switching from Volume to Intensity Training Techniques. This is a 4 week phase in which I'll take you through my Blood & Guts Training Program and show you how 'Metabolic Flexibility' is the key to sustainable eating.
High Intensity Weight Training
Metabolic Flexible Eating
Clean Lifestyle Management
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