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I am on a mission to make men in my local community as Strong & Healthy as possible.  One thing I know is that External Strength comes from Internal Vitality.  The gym is a catalyst for a physiological response, but what you do outside my gym is just as important.  You can listen to Episode 1 The Natural Alpha podcast to hear what I tell ALL my clients what they must do to succeed (5 Foundational Principles) before we agree to work together.  

I'll be straight with you.  For me, being "fit" is passe.  I work with men who want to get stronger and more jacked than ever by means of my 5 natural principles.  If you're "Just looking to tone", I respect that, but I am not your man.  I became a  powerlifting champion with a 600lbs deadlift, gained more muscle and lost more fat - all in my 40's -  by having a young and aggressive mindset and using Natural but powerful Biofundamentals and Biohacks that optimize testosterone and detox xenoestrogens; and that's what I will pass on to you.  I use a mix of Powerlifting and Functional Training movements in my training sessions.

You can read about my Natural Alpha Protocol and learn my step by step process.  I did this myself and with dozens of local Burlington men.  I've seen it work time and again.  If you're ready, reach out.  I'm always looking to help out another brother discover his true Alpha nature.



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COACH - Certified Functional Strength Coach, Fitness Instructor Specialist, TRX Suspension Training, Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutrition,  Pilates Mat and Reformer


Hi! I’m Alex.
Right off the bat, I am going to address an elephant in the room...Something I hear ALOT is
“ you don’t understand, you’re skinny”, or “ you don’t get how hard it is, it’s impossible. I’ve
tried everything”. To that I say, that is the FARTHEST thing from the truth.
When I first began my adventure with health and fitness in my mid twenties, I was anything
but the picture of health. I was training purely for the aesthetic and a damaged ego. I ate little
to nothing, ran for hours, and did God knows how many squats in hopes of getting what I
thought was the “perfect body”. At a fitness competition, life quickly changed for me when I
sustained an injury that ultimately caused me to have to have back surgery. I felt like my
whole identity had been stripped from me, and quite frankly it was, but thank goodness for
that! During my recovery, I started to get educated in all aspects of Health, Wellness and
Nutrition, and my drive and desire to help others started to flourish. I never wanted anyone to
have to feel the way I did... lost, uneducated, and weak ( mentally and physically ! )

That is why I care so deeply about my clients and what we can do together. There is nothing
more of value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them
healthy, confident, and strong. I want to be there to help you discover the joys and benefits
of living a well balanced, harmonious life that will only promote pure joy and positivity in your
every day to day. By working with me, I can help you discover the joys and benefits of fitness
and food designed specifically for you and your needs, and show you the tools that I have
implemented in my own life that have helped me become the best version of myself to date!



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COACH- CHEK IMS2, GOLF Performance SPECIALIST, HLC 1, FDN-P, ELDOA Practitioner 1


Holistic weight loss is permanent, and I'm proof.  Using holistic health principles I was able to lose 100 pounds, and permanently transformed my body and my life.  As a former obese person, I can really relate to the challenges that many face on their health journey.  My training philosophy is I want to co-create a lifestyle that fosters more health and happiness than you had before so you can live the life you want.  A good life requires a healthy body and it's my mission to empower others so they too can experience a healthier body for themselves - just as I have.



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COACH - Poliquin PICP LII (Strength Training) and BioSignature LII (Nutrition and Detoxification); CPA, CA


You might ask what is a CPA doing helping people look and feel great as
a trainer and nutritionist?  I am very fortunate and grateful to have
been exposed to training and the gym by family and friends from a young
age.  This has always been a valuable part of my life and while working
as a professional accountant, I competed and won several natural fitness
model competitions.  Along the way, I learned what it takes to be
healthy and lean, and a lot of this is contrary to the 'official'
narrative and so-called 'healthy guidelines'.  I understand everyone's
frustrations by doing the 'right' things, but not getting any results!

Motivated to find what works, Tim put his systems analysis and critical
thinking skills towards debunking health and fitness myths and utilizing
lifestyle practices that produce the actual results you are looking
for.  This involves training in a creative and fun way, effective
nutrition, smart supplementation, healthy hormones, digestion and
detoxification support and more!  After all, you are only as strong as
your weakest link.

Would you like to take the guesswork out of things like what to do and
what to eat?  Try a complimentary session with Tim today, and get
started on your path to a fitter, healthier, and more confident you!




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