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What Is it?

There aren't many STRENGTH FIRST training groups in Burlington.  Until now!  The Barbell Club is a way of training that is based around the big 4 barbell lifts (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press).  The program is what we use to build and maintain our Strength Athletes.  However we keep the groups to a maximum of 6 people per session, thus, Travis, your coach can make skilled modifications to scale the program to any experience level. 

The main pillars we will focus on are Training, Recovery, and Diet with accessories such as Supplementation and Stress management.  


We are a small, dedicated group of both Elite Level Powerlifters as well as Intermediate everyday folks that have found that the key to maintaining our health is through the rewards of REAL Strength Training.  The Head Coach is Provincial and National Powerlifting Champion Travis Graham, the owner of Functional Strength Training Centre.


Our program is designed for all abilities and we love beginners! You do not need to come with any experience in the gym, just be ready to work hard!  A mix of advanced AND beginners is common.  This is great for the beginners as they can see how a real live person has progressed through the program.

Fully commit to the entire length of the program. There will be difficult workouts and challenges. We want participants who will see it through to the end!

Be disciplined enough to apply our nutrition plan. The program does not work without your consistency and efforts. You WILL see results as long as you follow the plan.

This challenge won't be solely about losing weight and gaining muscle, although that DOES happen.  It's about mastering basic technique for beginners, and using advanced methods for advanced lifters.  

Your results will be not be measured soley by strength gains.  Improvement of lifting technique is our first priority, however, you WILL get stronger when you do!

Have respect for your fellow trainees, coaches, and the rules of the gym and come to each training session with a positive attitude. 


Meet your coach

Travis graham

Canadian Powerlifting Champion, CHEK, Owner of Functional Strength Training Centre